Elmar Accounting and Computer Services

IT Solutions We provide all the necessary IT Services to address your business needs


Running your desired software for your business might require certain hardware specifications to function properly. While most software suites may be perfectly suitable for your current hardware, advanced software suites such as accounting software or design software must have access to high capability hardware to get the job done like it should. We highly recommend that you speak to one of our IT experts to ensure your are set up correctly for both hardware and software.


Desktops, notebooks and hardware parts

We provide the top brands of desktop and laptop computers to our clients at an affordable price. It is our mission to ensure you are set up with the best hardware to get your work done. Our products include:

- Desktop / Notebook Computers
- Hard Drives
- Power Supplies


Quality computer equipment for effective input and output of information. We ensure you have the right tools to maximise productivity, offering your great value for your money.

- Monitors
- Printers
- Keyboards

Point of Sale Hardware

The best hardware to capture sales correctly and effectively at your retail terminals. Speak to us regarding hardware compatibility with your software products, in order to have a fluent system in place. Our products include:

- Label printers
- Cash Drawers
- Barcode Scanners
- Receipt Printers

Network Hardware

Getting you connected is our job - and using the correct hardware is important. We know how to set up your network, and what is needed to do the job. Our network products include:

- ADSL Routers
- Wireless Routers
- Network Switches
- Network Cabling
- NAS – Network attached storage